iRetrieval Development
iRetrieval provides the ability to store music analysis and then search specific criteria to meet the objectives of the music curriculum, the educator’s particular goals, and the educational needs of the students. This innovative cross-referencing system is our contribution aimed at promoting high quality Kodály centered teaching across the nation. iRetrieval is currently utilized by universities, students and music educators nationwide.

Software development and marketing have been ongoing since 1997. Previously known as the Kodály Retrieval Database, the program was redesigned and renamed as iRetrieval in 2008, in partnership with James DeFrancesco and Tracy Herrmann. Additional capabilities include the ability to input musical notation, choral analysis, and audio files. It is now available for both PC and MAC.

Database capabilities have been presented in a variety of settings including the Ohio Music Education Association state conference 2013, Organization of American Kodály Educators National Conferences 2003-2009, International Kodály Symposium, 2007, Midwest Kodály Music Educators Association - Midwest Conventions 2002 - 2004 and the Kodály Institute at Capital 2002 Present.
James A. DeFrancesco
CEO - Software Development

James DeFrancesco is currently the band director at Worthington Kilbourne High School in Columbus, Ohio.  He directs concert and athletic bands and also assists at various middle schools in the district.  James is a graduate of The Ohio State University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Music Education.  He completed his Master of Music in Music Education with an Instrumental Emphasis from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. During his studies at Capital, James learned of a song collection and indexing project requirement for students enrolled in the Kodály program. At that time, there was a database available for PC users but not for MAC. James created a program which was compatible with MAC to assist his wife, Jenny, in completing her Kodály master’s project. As a result, interest within the Kodály community began to grow. During the summer of 2008, James paired with business partner Tracy Herrmann who had a similar product on the market for the past 10 years. With this collaboration and Tracy’s expertise on the Kodály philosophy, iRetrieval added features designed to make the interface user friendly, musically organized, and compatible with both MAC and PC platforms.
Tracy Herrmann
CEO - Marketing & Distribution

Tracy Herrmann teaches in the music education department at Capital University in Columbus, OH. She specializes in elementary and middle school pedagogy and supervises student teachers. In addition, Tracy oversees a study abroad program for music education majors at the Kodály Institute in Kecskemét, Hungary. She also served as director of the Kodály Institute at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. Tracy is the faculty advisor to the Capital Collegiate Kodaly Educators, and is active in TRIKE, MKMEA, OAKE and OMEA. She received her Bachelor of Music in Music Education at Capital University and her Master of Music in Music Education with a Kodály Emphasis from the Kodály Institute at Capital University.  Additionally, she has studied at the Kodály Institute in Kecskemét, Hungary.  Tracy began her career as an elementary music specialist for Southwest Licking Schools and has presented at various music educator conferences.