iRetrieval Compatibility Issues and Work Arounds
As newer operating systems continue to come out, iRetrieval needs some time to ensure compatibility. Our current version 5 offers compatibility for Windows 7,8 and up through OS 10.9 for Mac. We are working on iRetrieval 6, which will ensure compatibility on these newer operating systems.

iRetrieval has had some reported compatibility issues with OS 10.9 Yosemite and MacOS Sierra. After 5-6 times that you print a retrieval, the program crashes. This is frustrating, but there are work arounds to help. First, make sure to consistently save your work by shutting down iRetrieval. Each time you close the program, iRetrieval re-writes your data file, thereby saving it. If you are doing a lot of printing, make sure you close and re-open to save the work you’ve put in.

While you are printing a few of your retrievals, it might be helpful to close and reopen the program so that it won’t get to that 5th or 6th printing where it crashes. The other option is to consolidate your printings. For example, if you need to print 5 retrievals to turn in, rather than printing them individually, you can use the “MARK” checkbox to mark the retrievals that you want to print. Then, you can do a search for the retrievals you’ve “marked”. (Click Find, then check the “Mark” box, then hit enter). Once you’ve found the group of retrievals you would like to print, click print and then make sure the setting “records being browsed” is checked rather than “current record”. This allows iRetrieval to print all of the retrievals you’ve just searched for and it counts as only 1 printing.

If your data ever gets corrupted, please email it to me at and I will repair it and send it back to you as soon as possible. Making sure you close the program after entering new chunks of data will ensure the data file saves properly in the event of a crash.

We are working on a fix and upgrade to iRetrieval 6 and appreciate your understanding as we work to ensure compatibility.