What’s new in iRetrieval 6?
Several “under the hood” changes to update compatibility issues with newer operating systems such as Windows 10 and macOS Sierra.
Fixed printing issues when printing multiple documents.
All meter fields are now added to the printout. This includes Duple 1, Duple 2, Triple 1, and Triple 2.
Fixed page 2 printing issue which prevented printing all records in one step.
Minor layout changes, fixes, enhancements.
Interface color changes for both Elementary and Choral layouts to make a visual difference between users running iRetrieval 5 and iRetrieval 6.

Email iRetrieval support@database.com requesting an update.
Send your Data file to us for conversion (specific details in upgrade guide)
Your data file will be converted and you will be sent download links for your converted Data file and the new iRetrieval 6 software.
Install iRetrieval 6 following the info in the iRetrieval 6 Upgrade Guide.
Place your newly converted Data.RDT6 into the new iRetrieval 6 folder.
Open iRetrieval 6 and you should be up and running!

Download the complete upgrade guide by clicking here.

Email iRetrieval support by clicking
here to start the upgrade process.